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Guidelines for your Commitment Ceremony at Home

We are delighted that you wish to hold your ceremony in your home or garden. In order to assist us in making the ceremony run smoothly and to avoid any disturbances on the day, the following guidelines apply:

Arrival and introduction of guests
Please note that it is not the responsibility of the Celebrant to welcome guests. Please introduce the Celebrant to those guests who will be taking part in the ceremony. If there are a lot of guests expected, it may be appropriate to appoint ushers.

Outside ceremonies
There must be suitable room inside your home for the ceremony to be held comfortably, if bad weather prevents an outside ceremony.

Please Note:
The Celebrant will make the decision whether to move the ceremony indoors and their decision is final. They will take into account the position of the guests in inclement weather, even if the Celebrant and the couple themselves are under shelter.

The celebrant has the right not to conduct the ceremony if these guidelines are not adhered to and in such a case the Celebrant has the right to refuse to conduct the ceremony and leave the premises. In such instances there is no refund available to the client.

Prefrably there will be enough chairs placed on an even surface for all guests to be seated, and table to hold water for the Celebrant, gifts and paperwork. Please provide paperweights for paperwork, if the ceremony is outside.

The Celebrant will review the garden/room layout and discuss this with you. The layout needs to be complete when the Celebrant arrives, which is approximately 30 minutes before the ceremony is due to take place. Celebrants are not responsible for moving furniture. If disabled guests are attending, do consider wheelchair access.

Maximum number of guests
The Celebrant will advise you of the maximum number of guests that can be accommodated to ensure a successful ceremony.

The maximum number will be dictated by the number of guests that the inside room can hold, as bad weather may mean the ceremony has to be held indoors. Other guests can of course arrive after the actual ceremony.

Behaviour of guests
Please be aware that in the case of inappropriate behaviour on your part or on the part of guests, then the Celebrant has the right to terminate or refuse to conduct the ceremony and no refund will apply.

If you have domestic animals that could interfere with the ceremony, please ensure that they are shut away.

Outside ceremonies are subject to all manner of external noise disturbances such as lawn mowers, neighbours, aircraft, and animals. Please consider whether noise is likely to disturb the ceremony and decide whether it may be more appropriate to hold the actual ceremony indoors so everyone can hear.

Hot weather
This can be as problematic as poor weather! Babies in particular burn easily. Please consider the comfort of guests and whether shade is available.

Please ensure that your domestic insurance policy covers third party liability for any visitors to your home.

Small children can find listening to a ceremony difficult! If there are to be large numbers of small children attending, you may find it useful to ask someone to take care of any children who do not want to sit throughout the whole ceremony.

Lateness of guests
The Celebrant will be as helpful as possible if guests that are taking part in the ceremony are late, but, due to time constraints it will be at the discretion of the Celebrant on the day how long the ceremony can be delayed. Celebrants will not normally be able to delay the ceremony for more than 30 minutes at the most.

Health and Safety Issues
Entrances and exits to and from the ceremony area should be clear and safe to use.

Constructions in gardens, such as marquees and gazebos should be well erected, safe and secure.

Outside electrical equipment, e.g. lights and sound equipment, must be safe and there should be no trailing wires or cables. Tape and purpose–made cable covers should be used and cables kept well away from walkway areas.

Garden ponds should be considered as a potential hazard for young children and children’s access to ponds restricted.

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      Checking Celebrant Availability

      If you would like one of our Celebrants to conduct your ceremony, please send us the following details so that we can check availability:

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        Training Enquiries

        Please provide your details and we will respond to you as soon as possible

        Please note the Level 4 course is for practising celebrants only.

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        IT Skills you will need both during your training and working as a celebrant

        Do you have the following skills:

        1. Ability in creating, naming, using, saving and retrieving files and folders.
        2. Familiarity with using your version of Word (or similar software).
        3. Understanding of toolbars and icons.
        4. Ability to copy and paste sections of text.
        5. An understanding of ‘track changes’ and how to use this function.
        6. Ability to bold, underline and italicise text.
        7. Be able to change font type, size and colour.
        8. Ability to centre text in the middle of a page and right and left justify it.
        9. Be able to alter line spacing in a document and insert a page break.
        10. Be able to use the undo and redo functions.
        11. Understand how the tab key works.
        12. Ability to use headers and footers, bullet points and numbering
        13. Understanding of the difference between ‘Save’ and ‘Save As’.

        If you said ‘yes’ to all of the above then you have good basic skills.

        If you have answered ‘no’ to any of the above then you will need to improve your basic skills before starting the course. This can be done in a few hours by using one or more of the free online tutorials available on the internet.