Classic Naming Ceremony


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The Classic Naming Ceremony is an opportunity to declare before family and friends, your promises to be as good a parent as you can, and for adult friends or relatives to confirm their special relationship with your child.

The ceremony usually lasts around 25-30 minutes and contains:

  • Opening Words 
  • First Reading (Optional - either selected from Readings Library or add your own. Can be read by the Celebrant or a guest)
  • Naming of the Child(ren)
  • Reasons for Names chosen (Optional)
  • Parents' Promises (Chosen from selection provided)
  • Parent's Vow to each other (Optional, chosen from selection provided)
  • Supporting Adults' Promises (Chosen from selection provided)
  • Grandparents' Promises (Optional, chosen from selection provided)
  • Second Reading (Optional - either selected from Readings Library or add your own. Can be read by the celebrant or a guest)
  • Final Reading ( Optional - either selected from Readings Library or add your own. Can be read by the Celebrant or a guest)
  • Remembering absent guests (Optional)
  • 'In Memory'
  • Presentation of a special gift to the child(ren) (optional)
  • Closing Words (Chosen from selection provided)
  • Signing a commemorative Certificate.

Parents often ask ‘what happens at the ceremony?’

The answer is that it’s your ceremony and you choose what goes into it. However, the structure of the Classic Naming Ceremonies is along the following lines…


Your celebrant (or the person leading the ceremony), makes an introduction and welcomes your guests.


Up to three poems or readings can be included, the first being near the start of the ceremony. These set the scene and can be read by the Celebrant or guest. You choose the readings from the online library or add your own.

Naming of the Child or Children

The Celebrant asks you to confirm the full name you've given to your child(ren) and, if you wish, to say why the names have been chosen.

Parents’ Promises

This is the part of the ceremony where you promise, in words you choose from the selection provided, to be as good a parent as you can be.

Supporting Adults’ Promises

Choose as many friends or relatives to be your child’s Supporting Adults. During the ceremony they will make declarations of ongoing support to your child(ren).

Grandparents' Promises

Grandparents love to be involved in a Naming Ceremony and it is a popular option to include them. During the ceremony they will make promises to support their grandchildren.

Closing Words and Certificate

You can select the Closing Words of the ceremony from the selection provided and you are presented with a special commemorative certificate which has been signed by those who have made promises.

Optional extras!

Parents' Vow to each other

Many parents like to take the opportunity to make promises of commitment to each other.  There is a selection of lovely vows to choose from if you would like to do this.

Presentation of a gift to your child(ren)

Many parents also choose to give their child(ren) a gift during the ceremony.

Absent Guests

Sometimes important family and friends cannot make the ceremony but they can be mentioned and their best wishes conveyed.

'In memory'

It may be that the ceremony is an opportunity to take a few moments to remember a close relative or friend who has passed away and the celebrant will do this in a very sensitive way during the ceremony.

One of our trained Celebrants will conduct your ceremony or you may wish to take advantage of our 'Script Only' service (visit our shop here) and someone you know can conduct the ceremony for you.

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