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Child and Baby Funerals

One Awards Level 4 Award in Creating and Conducting Child and Baby Funerals (Advanced Practice)

There is a need for very special funerals when a child or baby has died. Therefore we have developed training that aids Funeral Celebrants in creating and delivering these very difficult and emotional funeral ceremonies.

Who is the Course for?

This course is for any practicing Funeral Celebrant who might be asked to deliver a baby or child funeral ceremony. The course will give you confidence in dealing with these funerals and help you develop a wider range of appropriate funeral content.

A full set of training notes is supplied and appropriate wording selections are discussed. Poetry for these funerals is also supplied at the course.

By the end of the training you will have learnt:

  • To understand the grieving process that bereaved parents experience.
  • How to sensitively interview bereaved parents.
  • How to refer bereaved parents to other support organisations.
  • How to create a personal and appropriate funeral ceremony.
  • To evaluate your own practice in child and baby funerals.
  • How to include appropriate enhancements such as symbolic actions.
  • To evaluate your own practice in child and baby funerals.

Course materials:
Full comprehensive course notes are provided.

One-day online training, (plus distance learning to be submitted within 6 weeks – if taking level 4 certificate).

Note: Delegates not wishing to study for their level 4 certificate may just attend without undertaking the associated distance learning. Fees are reflective of this and can be found below.

Course Tutor:
Anne Barber

Course Fees & Dates

Fee with level 4 certificate – £257.25+VAT (£308.70)*
Fee without level 4 certificate – £152.25+VAT (£182.70)*

*AOIC and IOCF members are entitled to a 10% discount.

Next Course Available – 7th April 2022

Feedback from previous course attendees:

“I cannot think of anything that could improve the course. Comprehensive handouts and plenty of information to continue with the distance learning. Everything I expected from Civil Ceremonies.”

“I took away so much from the zoom course. A brilliant session and everyone joined in.”

“I feel confident and like I could help a family plan and give their child an appropriate ceremony.”

“Excellent – all very valuable and helpful to improve my practice.”

“Gave me the confidence to feel I can give it a go.”

“Thank you for such a helpful and extensive course.”

‘Very helpful and food for thought, excellent as always. Perfectly met my needs, exactly what I needed. Excellent.’

‘Excellent materials and course’.

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the course, thank you. The course raised awareness in many areas.”

‘Very good and thorough, gave a good understanding of how parents feel.’

‘Gained a deeper understanding of the lasting impact and what parents really need, especially how we can help.’

‘Changed the way I would make an approach in these circumstances.’

‘Very helpful guidelines and thoughtful input.’

‘Excellent to see different examples of how parents feel, really opened my eyes as to how parents feel.

‘The day was a success mainly due to the excellent facilitators who spoke so movingly and eloquently about this sensitive subject and I certainly feel a little empowered now to meet the needs of parents who require a funeral service to reflect the love and recognition of a very much treasured small life now lost to them.’

‘The course gave me a deeper understanding of what parents really need and how we can help. Excellent day, enjoyable and met the needs I had.’

‘Very good and informative and gave a full understanding of how parents feel. Helped change the way I would make an approach in these circumstances.’

‘Excellent hand-outs for everything. CCL usual high standards!’

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        IT Skills you will need both during your training and working as a celebrant

        Do you have the following skills:

        1. Ability in creating, naming, using, saving and retrieving files and folders.
        2. Familiarity with using your version of Word (or similar software).
        3. Understanding of toolbars and icons.
        4. Ability to copy and paste sections of text.
        5. An understanding of ‘track changes’ and how to use this function.
        6. Ability to bold, underline and italicise text.
        7. Be able to change font type, size and colour.
        8. Ability to centre text in the middle of a page and right and left justify it.
        9. Be able to alter line spacing in a document and insert a page break.
        10. Be able to use the undo and redo functions.
        11. Understand how the tab key works.
        12. Ability to use headers and footers, bullet points and numbering
        13. Understanding of the difference between ‘Save’ and ‘Save As’.

        If you said ‘yes’ to all of the above then you have good basic skills.

        If you have answered ‘no’ to any of the above then you will need to improve your basic skills before starting the course. This can be done in a few hours by using one or more of the free online tutorials available on the internet.