The Funeral Celebrant Training Programme

To apply for training, please call us for an initial discussion on 01480 276080. We can then put you in touch with other celebrants we have trained and give you details of the application process. This consists of an application form and a writing exercise. As long as your application meets the required standards, you will be offered the opportunity to begin the training programme.

Training is in 2 stages; distance learning training, followed by a residential course. The training programme can be started at any time, allowing for the distance learning to be completed before the residential course.  Your training is completed at the end of the residential course.

Stage 1: Distance Learning Training
The distance-learning element of the course provides a great deal of background knowledge including an overview of: grief theory, bereavement awareness, funerals in the UK, communicating with bereaved families, business skills and other essential information.

You should allow time to complete this stage of the training and for assessment to take place before stage 2. You will of course, be working at your own pace during this stage and people vary a lot in the amount of time required but we will advise you. We suggest you start working on the distance learning a minimum of  8 - 11 weeks before the residential course.  This is generally the recommended time frame to complete this stage if you have other work commitments. If you are able to spend more time, you can complete it quicker.

Stage 2: Residential Training
The residential training is challenging and immensely practical. You will visit a local crematorium where you will deliver a tribute. You will also attend a local cemetery as a part of the tuition on conducting burials. Video playback is used and you will practice interviewing techniques and writing funeral scripts. Reference resources are also available throughout the week. You will meet different funeral directors and gain an insight into working alongside them. We will also advise you how to promote your services locally. The course includes: information sessions, own study, demonstrations, presentations and practical sessions. The style is informal and participative throughout. During the week you will receive constructive feedback to help you progress. Everyone is apprehensive at the start of the week but you will find that you become fully involved and enjoy the sessions.

The residential training has a reputation for being hard work, intensive but thoroughly enjoyable and extremely rewarding!

Tutors and assessors
Your course tutors and assessors will include some of the following people:

Anne Barber, Jill Maguire, Professor Tony Walter, John Valentine, Steven Blakeley and Nikki Hallett.

By the end of the training programme you will have learnt:

  • To know what constitutes a good funeral and be aware of potential pitfalls.
  • How to sensitively interview bereaved clients to obtain relevant information and effectively translate the information into a well written, accurate funeral ceremony script.
  • How to put together the essential structure of a funeral for a burial or a cremation, including the appropriate inclusion of both secular and religious content and appropriate music and poetry.
  • How to deliver the funeral ceremony with confidence and sensitivity.
  • How to make the best use of space available at funerals and use movement to best effect.
  • How to present families with a professionally presented script to keep.
  • How to create appropriate scattering of ashes and memorial ceremonies.
  • To explain the funerals that you conduct to others and understand the funeral industry in the UK.
  • How to set up a self-employed business as a funeral celebrant, and how to promote and administer your business.


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It is an important decision to train as a funeral celebrant, please call us on 01480 276080 to learn more about the training programme and discuss your interest.

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