Where can ceremonies be held?

Absolutely anywhere of your choosing! Anywhere from a marquee in the garden, a hotel, a village hall, a restaurant, a castle or even a boat, the choice is yours.

Can we hold our ceremony at home?

Yes you can hold your ceremony at home, there is an additional fee as we have to first ensure that your home meets the required Health & Safety standards.

Take a look at our 'Guidelines for Ceremonies at Home' policy, this will give you an idea of the sort of things you need to consider.

When can the ceremony be held?

Any day at any time!

Most ceremonies happen on the same day as the legal formalities of marriage or soon afterwards. Any time of day is available and evenings are popular for guests attending an evening reception.

Can we have whatever we like in the ceremony?

Broadly speaking yes, however, we are unable to say or do anything which may mislead the guests into thinking that the Wedding Celebration Ceremony is in any way part of a legal formality of marriage, because these ceremonies do not have legal status.

Consequently, we are not able to use the statutory declarations from either a religious or civil marriage. However, we are able to use a similar format when making promises and exchanging rings, as well as having access to an extensive range of symbolic actions, which add very special and personal meaning to the ceremony.

When you receive your Bespoke Ceremony pack from us, do consider all the options and choices carefully and include your own additional words if you wish. Our Bespoke Ceremony Specialist Team will ensure your ceremony is exactly as you wish.

Can we include religion in the ceremony?

Yes, some couples do include religious references and this is no problem, although if you require a fully religious ceremony, we would suggest that you contact your church or religious community.

Who will conduct the ceremony?

This is your choice:

Delivered by a Celebrant - one of our fully trained professional Celebrants can carry out the ceremony for you according to the choices you make. They will meet with you beforehand to discuss the ceremony content and arrangements.

'Script Only' option - you may prefer to arrange for someone you know to conduct the ceremony for you. If this is something that you prefer, you can purchase your Script from us directly by phone or from our online shop.

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