Designing Your Wedding Celebration Ceremony

The first step is to create your own personal vows and wedding ceremony wording.

One of the greatest joys of planning your ceremony is expressing the way you feel about each other in words. We provide you with a generous selection of phrases and paragraphs to choose from. Or you may decide to use our suggestions as inspiration to write your own words.

It's a matter of words, so make yours count!

Decide who else you would like to take part in your ceremony; your wedding will also be a big event for your family and friends. Is anyone willing to deliver a reading, make a speech, play music or make a symbolic gesture as part of the ceremony? Take time to discuss with them what they might like to contribute. Our pack provides a very wide range of ideas.

Readings & Poetry

Select readings & poetry that are special to you.

Your ceremony pack includes over a hundred suitable readings and of course you might want to include your own favourites. The ceremony can even include prayers and blessings, and can incorporate elements from any religion or culture.

Symbolic Gestures

Decide on any symbolic gestures and cultural inclusions, you might like to exchange or re-dedicate your rings, light candles, release balloons, watch fireworks, blow bubbles or include one of the short special ceremonies such as the Joining of Hands, that we include in our ceremony pack to inspire you.


And finally, choose your special music . . .

Music evokes enormous emotion at all ceremonies and you can choose whatever music is special to you both whether it is pop, classical, folk, jazz or rock and roll. You choose! The verse and music booklet included in your pack lists hundreds of popular wedding choices. You can even have music with religious content if you wish. Live music is a popular choice, especially when musical guests agree to play!

Put all of this together and there you have it - your own personal and unique wedding or partnership celebration Ceremony. Send all your selections to us and our specialist Wedding Ceremony Team will construct the ceremony that you really want.

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