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Renewal of Marriage Vows - other points you might want to consider

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Making a Will

If, as a married couple, you have children or a property or business you do NEED a Will. You also need a will to protect each other. Although you will not be thinking about death or serious injury right now these things do happen and when they do people have generally not prepared their estate for it. More often than not what they would like to happen to their property, money and children is not allowed by law!

If you make a Will there are very few restrictions on what you can do but if you don’t make a Will the Law says you have died ‘Intestate’. The Government will then dictate what happens. The Intestacy rules date back to 1925 and are not particularly relevant to today’s society and family structures. If you die Intestate, neither you nor your family will have any control over who gets your money, property and belongings and you will have no control over who gets to look after your minor children.

Even if you have previously made a Will, a Renewal of yor marriage vows is an excellent time to review your arrangements. There may be grandchildren to consider, you may now have a larger Estate or you may have inherited from a parent yourself which has put you over the inheritance Tax threshold.

The law changes all the time so you should review at least every 5 years.


The information produced here is general and for guidance only, you should take individual advice about your own personal circumstances