Does the Renewal of Vows ceremony have legal implications in any way?

No - these ceremonies have no legal effect and are not legally binding on those who participate in any way. The ceremony does not alter, add or detract from any rights or responsibilities that you already have as a married couple.

Who can arrange a ceremony?

Any married couple, of any age and married for any length of time can arrange a Renewal of Marriage Vows Ceremony. There is no restriction with regards to area and it does not matter if you do not live in the area where you would like to hold the ceremony.

Can we have whatever we like in the ceremony?

Yes you can in the Bespoke Ceremony option. Our Bespoke Ceremony Specialist Team will contact you to ensure the ceremony is exactly as you wish.  In our Classic Ceremony there are several sections where yu can add your own wording.

Can we have religious/spiritual references in the ceremony?

If there are religious/spirtual readings or references that have special meaning for you, you may include them at any point in a Bespoke Ceremony. In a Classic Ceremony, there is an opportunity to incude any religious/spiritual content in the speeches or readings that you choose,

Is there a certificate?

Yes, we include a commemorative certificate that you will sign during the ceremony along with two witnesses. You can also buy a certificate for all of your guests to sign, so please visit our Shop to see examples of certificates that we sell.

How long is the ceremony?

A Classic Renewal of Vows ceremony usually takes from between 15 to 30 minutes and a Bespoke Ceremony usually takes rather longer, depending on the number of options included in the ceremony and the number of readings chosen.

Where can ceremonies be held?

Absolutely anywhere of your choosing; a marquee in your garden, a village hall or hotel, on a beach, in a forest, in a restaurant, a castle, a boat or in your own living room! The choice is yours.
The venue does not have to be licensed in any way, nor does it have to be local to you. If you choose to hold your ceremony outside, be it at home, or at a friend or relative's house, we would require you to have an inside room or some form of cover available in case of bad weather.

Can we hold our ceremony at home?

Yes you can hold your ceremony at home. We do have to first ensure that your home meets the required Health & Safety policy standards.

Take a look at our 'Guidelines for Ceremonies at Home' policy, this will give you an idea of the sort of things you need to consider.

Can we organise a ceremony at short notice?

Usually the answer is to this is yes, but it is dependent on the availability of your venue and our Celebrants. The Bespoke ceremony cannot be arranged at short notice as we need a minimum of six weeks notice to arrange it, however the Classic ceremony can be arranged with shorter notice so call us as soon as you can to discuss your needs.

 We are getting married abroad, can we hold a ceremony in the UK when we return?

Yes, this is a perfect ceremony to bring family and friends together to share your celebration in the UK. You may also like to consider a Wedding Celebration Ceremony if you are getting married overseas.

 Can another couple renew their marriage vows at the same ceremony?

Just as every couple is unique, every ceremony is unique; it is moulded by the couple and with their special relationship in mind so that they can celebrate their own personal commitments to one another. Because each ceremony is so unique, one ceremony cannot reflect more then one couple, so unfortunately the answer is no.

Other family and friends can hold their own unique ceremony at the same venue, on the same day but not at the same time.

I have been married before, can I still have a ceremony?

Absolutely. there is no problem with this as long as you are now legally married and free to renew your vows.

Any other questions?

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01480 276080 or email us at

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