Classic Renewal Ceremony

New service!! 

You can now book and make your Classic Renewal of Vows choices totally online using:


You can log in and make all your choices, sending them to us when complete.

You can select readings and poems from our online library and your whole ceremony will be created for you to see and print.

To book a Classic Ceremony either email us using the pink enquiry box above or call us with your details on 01480 276080.  


Whichever ceremony package you decide upon, your ceremony will be unique because it will contain your choices.

When you book your ceremony you'll be sent a log in to our online site which offers you a series of choices:

  • Choose your opening words
  • Choose your opening reading from a selection of popular and appropriate poems.
  • Choose from a number of vows to make to each other; you may also make vows of your own to make your ceremony more personal.
  • You can rededicate existing rings with a choice of readings
  • You might want to give a new ring to symbolise the renewal of your commitment to each other.
  • Consider presenting a gift to each other or have someone close to you such as a friend or relative make a speech.

Ceremony Essentials:

  • Introduction and Welcome
  • Reading
  • Renewal of Wedding Vows
  • Exchanging Ring(s)
  • Signing of the Certificate
  • Closing Words

Ceremony Options

  • Acknowledging Family
  • Speech
  • Presentation of a gift to each other
  • Further Reading

Take the time to consider which options are appropriate and have special meaning for you as a couple. As you consider the choices and make your selections, you will be creating a unique ceremony reflecting your commitment to one another, which will be fondly remembered by you and your guests.

Special people in your lives can take part in your ceremony, your children, guests who were at the wedding and any friends and relatives. You can also ask two people to witness the signing of the Certificate of the event.

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