Ceremony Tips

The Ceremony has to feel right for you, and we hope that the suggestions offered in our packs help to generate your own ideas and thoughts. Choose those suggestions that particularly appeal to you, or you may even prefer to create something completely different to express your sentiments.

  • Think about the promises and vows you would like to make to one another, this is a wonderful opportunity to capture the essence of your relationship.
  • Choose words, readings, people and even a venue that have a special meaning for you both.
  • Take the time to consider options that have special meaning to you both; the ceremony will be unique to you, reflecting your commitment to one another.
  • Include music, poetry and readings, these elements can express your sentiments beautifully and will enhance your ceremony and make it totally your own; so do take time to select the pieces that have real meaning for you both.
  • Consider offering each other a special gift during the ceremony. Many couples exchange or rededicate rings, but you can also offer other gifts or tokens of your ongoing commitment.
  • Ask special people in your lives to take part in your ceremony, your children, guests who were at the wedding and any friends or relatives. Talk with them about the best ways they would like to be involved, also consult with our team who will be happy to offer you their help and advice.
  • Send out your invitations in good time. Renewals of Marriage Vows Ceremony Invitations are available from us.
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