Bespoke Renewal Ceremony

The Bespoke Renewal of Wedding Vows Ceremony

This is a truly tailor-made and highly personal ceremony that is created with the help of our Bespoke Ceremony Specialists. Our experienced and highly skilled team of ceremony specialists have a wealth of knowledge of the best ways to make your ceremony reflect exactly what you want to say to each other.

Arranging a Bespoke Service will ensure that you get exactly the ceremony you want. You can decide to add your own words to the many choices we suggest, creating a personal ceremony to celebrate and share with either a large or small gathering of family & friends, or with just the two of you present.

How is A Bespoke Ceremony Different?

The bespoke Ceremony pack you will receive contains a very extensive set of wording choices so you will need to spend some time considering the options and choices.

  • The Bespoke Ceremony has an increased number of choices from which to select your ceremony content.
  • The option to include symbolic actions such as lighting candles or releasing doves etc
  • Over 100 suggested readings and poetry items are suggested in the enclosed booklet
  • In every part of the ceremony you can include your own composed words
  • You can include religious/spiritual content

What happens at a Bespoke Ceremony?

This is entirely up to you.

Your occasion can be as simple or elaborate as you like. We will send you a Bespoke Ceremony Pack containing a large number of choices, ideas & options. Pick out all the choices that appeal to you, add any additional wording or options of your own and we will use your choices to create a complete ceremony to meet your wishes.

Often these ceremonies include:

  • Readings
  • Acknowledging your children
  • Making your vows to each other
  • Exchanging or re-dedicating rings
  • Contributions by family or friends

There are many ways to make your ceremony a very personal, unique & meaningful event.

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