Ceremony Tips

Hints & Tips to get the best from your ceremony

  • Think about the promises you wish to make to your child. Select promises that you really mean and ask your Supporting Adults and Grandparents to do the same.
  • Choose your Supporting Adults with care. Ideally, they should be people whom your child will see regularly and who will have a good and positive influence in the child’s life. Being asked to be a Supporting Adult is an honour, but it’s also a role that carries responsibilities, so choose the people you ask with care and talk to them about the promises they feel able to make.
  • Ask grandparents if they would like to be involved. They are likely to be important people in your child’s life. You may like to mention friends and family who are not able to join you for the occasion or take a few moment in the ceremony to remember people close to you who have passed away.
  • Consider giving a special gift to your child. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but choose something long lasting that your child can keep and treasure in years to come.
  • Make the ceremony suit your needs and feelings; this is one of the great pleasures of a Naming Ceremony. It is a wonderful opportunity to create an occasion unique to you and your child, expressed through the choices you make.
  • If a guest at the ceremony is to deliver a reading or poem, let them help select it and give them a copy so they can practice.
Talk over the content with family and friends, and discuss your needs with our team who will offer you help and advice.


Guidelines for your Ceremony at Home 


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Your Complete Guide to Naming Ceremonies
Your Complete Guide to Naming Ceremonies
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