Classic Commitment Ceremony

Whichever ceremony package you decide upon, your ceremony will be unique because it will contain your choices.

When you book your ceremony you'll be sent a comprehensive information pack that includes a ceremony guide which leads you through the ceremony structure and offers you a series of choices:

  • Choose your opening reading from a selection of popular and appropriate poems.
  • Select promises of commitment to make to each other; you may also make personal pledges to each other if you wish.
  • Give rings to symbolise your commitment to each other
  • Consider presenting a gift to each other or have someone close to you such as a friend or relative make a speech

Ceremony Essentials

  • Introduction and opening words
  • Reading
  • Promises of Commitment
  • Exchanging Ring(s)
  • Signing the Commemorative Certificate
  • Closing Words

Ceremony Options

  • Personal Pledges
  • Speech
  • Presentation of gifts to each other
  • Further Reading
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