Are ‘Combined Ceremonies’ the way forward?

We are thrilled to be involved in a new pilot scheme where Registrars and Celebrants are working together in Staffordshire offering ‘Combined Wedding Ceremonies’ under a new pilot scheme.

The scheme will, for the first time, allow marrying couples the opportunity to have their legal formalities conducted within their celebrant-led ceremony, meaning that they will not have to go to a register office at a different time or date to do the legal formalities.

Adam Cooper, Registration Team Leader at Staffordshire, spoke at the recent Convention for Celebrants and it was his fresh approach to working with celebrants that prompted the pilot scheme. Adam says ‘Whilst obviously registrars must still conduct the legal marriage ceremony in an approved venue, the initiative to work alongside celebrants in the area, must surely create a great new option for couples. It will enable them to have everything in one place and we are delighted to be involved in the scheme.’

So what are the advantages for couples?

•        It means that all guests can witness the legal part as well as the very specific personal content of the celebrant-led ceremony.

•        Different parts of the ceremony to be held in different locations within the venue, such as outside areas and different rooms.

•        There will only be one marriage ‘date’ so couples will know for sure what day to celebrate their anniversary!

19 celebrants are already involved in the pilot scheme and feedback from all the registrars, couples and celebrants taking part will be collected and analysed. We hope couples will like the new choice being provided and that other areas may take up the idea.

With so many couples now opting for celebrant-led ceremonies, any scheme that increases choice for clients has got to be a step in the right direction.